What is in a ladies traveling bag?

I’m heading out on a jet plane, again (well, American Airlines lol), and I’m letting you know “What’s in a ladies traveling bag!”

I’m always on the go, I never know where I’ll end up. I could be on a booze cruise to Mexico (it’s not as bad as it sounds, and hence why I have my Spanish translating book on me:), I could be on a flight to Bora Bora, or maybe skiing in Canada; I’m a free spirit, I love to randomly go. So, to keep up with my randomness, my carry-on is random as well. The items shown in the picture are fewer than what is usually in my carry-on, but at the time that’s all I had in there.

I always, always, ALWAYS keep my passport on me. If I have the urge to get out of America, I want to get out of America and quick! Also, I want to get out in style, too. That is why I carry my Kate Spade Cedar Street Passport Cover on my passport ($78.00 at http://www.katespade.com ).  The next most important item in my carry-on is my iPad (notice, my bestie and I gracing the background:).  I have games, books, magazines, music and my social media all in one! It makes traveling much more simpler. Along with my iPad, I keep my Beats on me at all times!! They are noise cancelling for those crazy long flights, and let me hear the music so much better. My Mophie and my charging cord are my lifesavers! It’s always fully charged for flights and going out on the town. I always have to have a backup battery for my BFF (my phone, I’m obsessed with my phone lol:). With my Mophie, I also keep a charging block just in the rare instance my Mophie dies. Everywhere I go, I always pick up a pamphlet of places to eat and visit, even when I’m in LA. I travel to LA a lot and still like to visit the different sights and tastes SoCal has to offer. My lipsticks, lip liners, and chap-sticks are heavenly. When I have somewhere to go in a hurry, I keep almost the whole lipstick case in my purse so my lips can look on point. Can’t have a sad pout on a happy day now, can we?

I have a HUGE phobia of smelling bad in public. I can’t stand it. My breath, my body, my hair, I hate smelling bad. I always keep a Victoria’s Secret travel size perfume in my bag, along with gum and tic-tacs! You know, just in case I want to put on some lipstick and have fresh breath for a smooth-a-roo. My sunglasses are the best part about my purse. They are Ray-Ban Clubmaster folding sunglasses, that fit into all of my purses with ease. Last, but not least, my comb and tweezers. I’m from the south, so we love big hair. If your hair falls, you have to tease it back up to Jesus, and my eyebrows, let me tell you, they grow thicker than a caterpillar. I can’t leave the house without tweezers; I would look like I escaped from the zoo.

See, men, we don’t have to bring the kitchen sink to look good while we are traveling; just the bathroom sink.




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