Lunch Today: The Rose Cafe, Venice Beach, California

This rustic Venice Beach eatery offers its guests a picturesque atmosphere paired with great California fare and awesome drinks. It’s located right in the heart of Venice Beach, allowing travelers, locals and beach goers alike to enjoy this iconic Cafe. It has been a Venice Beach staple since 1979. Chef Jason Neroni’s Rose Cafe menu mainly focuses on the local Southern California cuisine. It also has been influenced from other cuisines he has experienced on his many world travels. It is a boho-chic all day eatery, drawing huge crowds for its authentic fare. You can ride your bike to this cute cafe in the mornings, or jog to it after the beach and it will be there to welcome you with big smiles and great food. It has two patios (where I highly suggest you sit:), a great bar with AMAZING DRINKS and the best bakery in Venice. You can go in flip-flops or high heels, cut off shorts or dress clothes and still feel at home. Order “The Rose Cup” cocktail (pictured below). You’ll be glad you did!




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