Monroe, Louisiana’s best restaurants:

Most people have heard of Monroe, Louisiana because of the hit TV show “Duck Dynasty.” What most people don’t know about Monroe is that the city is rapidly growing thanks to huge companies such as Centurylink, Vantage Health Plan Inc., Graphic Packaging International to name a few. They are currently rebuilding the Monroe downtown area which has some of the best artists, shopping, entertainment, and the most amazing chefs Louisiana has to offer. I am going to let you know the Top 10 restaurants (in no particular order, because they are all great to me) in Monroe, Louisiana that when you just happen to pass through, you stop and savor the moment… Monroe style!

PS. Some of these pictures I had to find on their Facebook pages, because I’m such a hungry, hungry, hippo and don’t think to take a picture before I devour it. And, I will do one of West Monroe, Louisiana as well!

Like their Facebook pages while you’re stalking them & enjoy!

The Kitchen:

The Kitchen Restaurant Facebook Page

  • The Kitchen Restaurant is located in downtown Monroe, LA. Their slogan is “Serves Sunday meals every day except Sunday!” When you walk through the doors, the overwhelming aroma of the best home cooked food in Monroe hits you. They are open Monday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch. They also cater to any size event. When you leave, make sure you rub your stomach when you walk outside. That is their personal way to advertise!


Restaurant Cotton

Restaurant Cotton’s Facebook Page

  • Restaurant Cotton is also located in downtown Monroe. They are in one of the oldest buildings in the city, that makes the restaurant stand out from the rest. Restaurant Cotton has the atmosphere of a simpler, more honest time along with good quality food and drinks. The Chef who started it all, Chef Cory Bahr won the reality show Chopped in 2012. He has been named People’s Best New Chef in the nation by Food and Wine Magazine. What an honor! Check out the interview The News Star covered on the achievement. In 2014, they were the “Certificate of Excellence” Trip Advisor winner and Open Table’s 2014 Diner’s Choice winner. I guess you could say, this is the place to eat.


River And Rail

River and Rail’s Facebook Page

  • Beautiful views, strong margaritas, and amazing southwest and regional cuisine are what River and Rail is best known for.  Their bar and patio, complete with fire-pits, overlooks the magnificent Ouachita River allowing you to enjoy the nature as you enjoy the amazing food. River and Rail offer Happy Hour Sunday-Thursday from 4pm-6 featuring 2 for 1 margaritas, draft beer and $3 wine and premium Tequila. Eat a bunch of chips and salsa, you’ll need it after one margarita!


As you can tell from the photo @huynhht, @_nikki_rae_, and I (@the_mully) frequent here…. A LOT! All we are missing from this picture is @michaelakbailey, @madddawwgggg, & @katelynevans33

Riverside Crawfish:

Riverside Crawfish Facebook Page

  • What kind of Louisianaian would I be if I didn’t put a crawfish, crab and shrimp place in here? Not a very good one! Riverside Crawfish is on Louisville Ave. offering you covered outdoor seating for your crawfish experience. They also have karaoke and live bands as well! Friday and Saturday are the two most popular times to go, and they stay open from 10 AM-10 PM. Sunday through Thursday they stay open from 10 AM to 9 PM. Remember to ‘Pinch Da’ Tails and Suck Da’ Heads.’




Enoch’s Irish Pub and Cafe Facebook Page

  • Enoch’s Irish Pub and Cafe is Monroe, Louisiana’s best kept burger secret. They established on St. Patrick’s Day of 1980 and has been a family owned and operated pub ever since. At night, it comes alive as a local hangout. It is legendary for its awesome live music, delicious grub, their diverse crowd and family friendly atmosphere. They have the best gourmet burgers served with Guinness gravy. They also offer a variety of vegetarian options and specialty sandwiches. As you can see Tuesday is the most popular day because they offer 2 for 1 burgers, yummy!



Trio’s Facebook Page

  • Trio’s Restaurant is a local favorite on Forsythe Ave.  They offer a stunning fine dining experience with top of the line steaks and gourmet specials.  They also have the best bar in town serving amazing cocktails, ice cold beer, mixed drinks, wine and of course bubbly champagne. Their menu features fresh seafood, pizza, juicy steaks, wonderful pasta and so much more. Try the grilled shrimp over fettuccine covered in a beer cheese sauce. It is amazing!


Rawz Cafe, Monroe:

Rawz Cafe, Monroe, LA Facebook Page 

  • Rawz Cafe is a hip spot for any sushi lover to visit. They are conveniently  located on Sterlington Rd. in Monroe, right behind ULM, making it a college student hangout. They serve the best Asian-style dishes Monroe and West Monroe has to offer. I turned my brother, Lee, and cousin, Meagan, into sushi lovers here at this restaurant. I can barely drag my best-friend Hailey out of them as well. I love their fried rice along with the Alaska roll! Hailey would suggest the papaya salad with the pho soup, or the house salad with ginger dressing and the playboy roll.


The Pickle Barrel:

Pickle Barrel Facebook Page

  • Do you like beer? Well, Pickle Barrel is the place to be in Monroe. They have the largest draft selection in the Twin Cities (Monroe/West Monroe)! Hold your horses, they do have food other than beer.  They pride themselves in juicy burgers, sandwiches and seafood, along with home style southern food. They also offer vegan and vegetarian fare, as well.


Catfish Charlie’s:

Catfish Charlie’s Facebook Page

  • Catfish Charlie’s   is located on Louisville Ave. in Monroe, and is a hot spot for locals. They are the prime spot in north Louisiana for fresh food. They offer the finest in catfish, steaks, crawfish, home style food and so much more. They give back a lot to the community, as well as assisting in fund raisers and charity events. When you go there, drink the sweet tea for me!



Portico Restaurant and Bar Facebook Page

  • This is another hot spot in Monroe located on Tower Dr. This is one of my favorite lunch places during the week.  Portico is a proud Louisiana-based restaurant with locations in Monroe and Ruston. You’ll find the best burgers and sandwiches with other amazing fares, and if you need a gluten-free menu, they offer that as well. Portico brings you daily delicious lunch specials along with outdoor dining, live music and a top-notch beer, wine and cocktail menu. They also have 2 for 1 burgers every Wednesday night drawing in a huge crowd. Be sure to get the jalapeño bread for your burger, you’ll be glad you did!

FullSizeRender 7

Left to right: @michaelakbailey, @the_mully, @huynhht, @_nikki_rae_

We were snapchatting the daily lunch special, as always!


I told you the places to go, now you just have to go. There are so many more restaurants in Monroe to enjoy, but for now check out these gems.




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18 thoughts on “Monroe, Louisiana’s best restaurants:

  1. All good choices …. but my favorite is Athena’s of Monroe for the best Mediterranean/Lebanese food!


  2. Sorry girls, but u are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! I lived in Monroe for 8 years, during and after college. THE # 1 top restaurant in Monroe, BY FAR, is Waterfront Grill. Yall might want to actually eat at those restaurants u named 1st, before posting obvious negative information.


    1. I have lived in Monroe my whole life, and I have eaten at the restaurants I’ve named plenty of times. These restaurants are my opinion, just like you’re entitled to your opinion. Waterfront is a very good choice as well, and I have ate there enough to know that it is a good restaurant, but there are very many more restaurants I haven’t named in Monroe that are very good. It is never easy choosing great restaurants in a city you grew up in. An opinion cannot be negative information.


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