Fun, inexpensive souvenirs that takes up no place at all and says 1,000 words

I’m in Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica at the moment enjoying my birthday week. When traveling, I’m the epitome of a heavy packer. I have clothes for rain, sleet, sun and snow. Meaning, in short, that I have no extra room for anything. I’m not good at organizing a bag, especially if I’m unaware of the country I’m traveling to. I research everywhere I go, but still can’t shake the “what if’s.” Every place I travel to I still bring back souvenirs. Usually, it is the last-minute when I’m packing my bag that I forgot to get souvenirs for anyone else. Yikes, that’s when I rush to stores and try to pick up inexpensive non sucky gifts. I always seem to manage, but the best part about the gifts they barely take up any room in my bag. #Winning

  1. Post-cards: The art of writing isn’t dead, nor is it expensive. Post-cards are a fun, sweet way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. I am very pro-postcard. Everywhere I travel, I send my whole family post-cards. The best part is, you can write them while you’re away and have your hotel send them off.
  2. Magnets: My best-friend Hailey absolutely loves magnets from different countries. They are inexpensive and super cute. I try to get her ones with monuments or something of relevance to the country I visited. You can put them in your carry on, or cosmetic bag and not weigh down your bag.
  3. Key-chains: I love key-chains from different countries. They are light and easy to travel with. I end up getting the ones that are beer openers.  They help me find my keys and open my beer!
  4. Local food: I love this one. When shopping I’ll usually stop by the local market and pick up bags of coffee, wine, and chocolate. It doesn’t last forever like other souvenirs would, but the memory of an amazing taste from another country would be highly appreciated.
  5. Currency: If you travel to another country and use their currency, keep some of it. Put it in a shadow box, and display it. Or, put your unused coins in a mason jar and try to fill it up. It will be the talk of the crowd.
  6. Spoons: I think it is neat to bring back spoons from other countries. They are inexpensive and cute to give to family and friends.
  7. Christmas tree ornaments: This one is self-explanatory. Having a tree filled with tokens and happy memories are always nostalgic.
  8. Shot glasses: Just if you wanted your friends to revisit the party scene you left back in the country.
  9. Pens: You can never have too many pens!
  10. Tiny flags: These are totally cute and collectible. You could put these in a shadow box as well, or fill a jar full of shells or rocks and stick them in.
  11. Ticket stubs: This is a fun and simple thing to do. You can frame your ticket stubs from your trip, and hang them in your home. Also, people like to drop them in a box and fill it up just like you would do coins or shells. It is a cute way to show your creativity and your love for travel.

I hope you enjoyed! 💋





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