Belles on Wheels, a mobile boutique; by Lauren New

A wow factor! That is what us Belles On Wheels girls were going for when we decided to open up our very own boutique!  We are a mother-daughter team who turned a UPS style truck into a store on wheels! We wanted to bring something new to our area and it turned into a state wide service! We are the first truck of our kind to open in the state of Louisiana and travel all over! We have traveled in our truck from Shreveport to New Orleans! Louisiana is known for its festivals and we take every chance we can get and park at them! Women shop inside our truck and we also have a tent set up outside with accessories such as Jewerly, hats, purses, & art made by local artist! Another great service we offer is house parties!! Ladies invite us to their homes and shop while snacking on hors d’ oeuvres or even mimosas. They have friends over and have a ball shopping all together in our truck! We even have a built in dressing room inside so customers are able to try on before they buy if they desire!

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Not long after we opened the doors to our mobile boutique we were blessed enough to add a brick and mortar store! We did this so local customers could shop our merchandise everyday! We had such a great response to our style and services that we quickly realized we needed to cater to their needs daily! Our store location is located in the heart of Louisiana in beautiful and quaint Vidalia! We are located right on the river and have the beautiful sights of downtown Natchez, Mississippi to gaze upon while at work.  We also travel across the bridge to the city of Natchez and host parties and attend local city events! A month doesn’t go by that we don’t have a list of events to attend!

Meet Lauren & Tina. Lauren is the brains behind the operation & knew since she was a Sophmore in Highschool this is what she wanted to do! She saw a mobile boutique in California and just knew it would be a great idea to have her own in the state of Louisiana! After attending College at The University Of Louisiana at Monroe and majoring in Marketing, she quickly pursued her dream.

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Tina is Lauren’s mother and once Lauren graduated and brought up again that she wanted to pursue this dream of hers, she quickly jumped on board! Tina and Lauren share responsibilities of the business and are a great team! They both admit that without the other the business would not work as smoothly as it does!

Belles On Wheels hopes to soon have an online store along with the truck & store front! They do have a Facebook & Instagram page and ship items off of these sites daily! Customers simply comment on photos or call to order what they want.


Here in the south it is all about flowy tops and shorts to get us through the hot humid summer! This summer off the shoulder tops and chambray shorts are a huge must! Off the shoulder tops are perfect for those who want to show some skin but still maintain a conservative look. One of the sexiest part of a woman is her neckline! So show it off ladies! We also love flowy jersey material dresses with laced up sandals or wedges! Stripes are a favorite here at the store all year round! We strive to cater to different styles and let women know that as long as you are confident in what you wear, it will always be fabulous! A woman with a fabulous wardrobe is unstoppable!

Check out this sweet girls Facebook Like Page for Belles on Wheels!

I hope you enjoyed & visit with her soon!




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