15 reasons we forget to thank our roommates for!

  1. For being there for you during the breakups and the makeups, the good and the ugly, the happy and the sad.
  2. For not letting you walk out of your place looking like a frumpy mess. Lord knows, they have saved us from major embarrassment from being brutally honest.
  3. For being synchronized in your period cycle. You know you forget to go to the tampon aisle while you’re grocery shopping.
  4. For all the time their parents came and took us out to dinner.
  5. For the long, wine infused heart-to-heart conversations.
  6. For binge watching documentaries and TV shows with you on the weekend so you don’t have to do it alone.
  7. For being your getaway call during a bad date.
  8. For reminding you to do your laundry because she’ll need to look through your closet eventually.
  9. For not judging you about that random hot guy you brought home from the bar.
  10. For making you feel loved when you don’t feel it.
  11. For texting your mean messages for you.
  12. For having a closet with a different style. You may own the whole mall, but when it comes time to pick an outfit out.. Your roomies closet comes in clutch!
  13. For being your bar buddy when you just need to get out of the house.
  14. For the late night fast food runs, sober or not.
  15. For not judging you, for a lot of things…..





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