In-N-Out: Not-So-Secret Menu

If you live in the states of: Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and most recently, Oregon, you probably have heard of the burger powerhouse known as, In-N-Out.

Credit: Instagram- @the_mully

In-N-Out was California’s first drive-thru hamburger stand, and the revolution of the fast food industry. It is credited as the first chain to have a two-way speaker system for drive-thru ordering.

Fun Fact: Van Halen’s chart-topping 1986 album 5150 was fueled by In-N-Out Burger. Sammy Hager even stated in an interview that when he first joined the band, they ate at In-N-Out at least 3 times a week.

Anybody who’s eaten at this popular Cali-based chain is aware of their secret menu, which allows you a few custom options additionally to the regular hamburger, cheeseburger, shakes, fries, and Double-Double that appear on their menu. How simple was that? The sad thing is I remembered all of it. Do they have a In-N-Out rehab along with their University, I should check in!

Credit: Instagram- @the_mully

Not-So-Secret Menu

Along with the listed regular hamburger and Double-Double, you can add up to FOUR patties to any sandwich you order, WOW! That is for the In-N-Out lover at heart, or just a really hungry person. You can just ask for a three-by-three or a four-by-four.  If you want to up the flavor, ask for any burger to be mustard-grilled. It is so good, I have never ordered a plain burger since!

Are you vegetarian? They have burgers just for that. They call it the wish burger. It’s a vegetarian delight of a toasted bun piled high with hand-leafed lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and last but not east, onions, spread, and pickles upon request.

If you’re a carb freak and really love veggies, you can also get your burger as a lettuce wrap by asking for it protein style. If you like your patty and veggies separately, you might consider ordering a salad on the side. The name says it all, I dont think you need a description. They support the healthy people at heart by having an Atkins-friendly menu item called the Flying Dutchman! Two slices of cheese melted between two burger patties. No veggies, no golden toasted to perfection buns, just pure protein and fat. Aren’t diets so much fun! Blow their minds by asking for a Flying Dutchman Animal Style and they’ll add a scoop of diced onions to the cheese. Pickles and spread will come on the side, FYI.

If I haven’t blown your mind enough, you can also order a grilled cheese! If you’re super sweet, they’ll add your favorite veggies to it as well. Do you love their milkshakes? Ask for a Neapolitan, and you get all three flavors in one cup! That is heaven on earth. Not big into shakes? The words root beer float or coke float will get you a half cup of root beer or coke topped with a swirl of vanilla soft-serve. I feel like just ruined someones diet.

The most famous, not-so-secret menu option is, animal style. You can ask for your fries, burger, or both to be topped with cheese, spread, and grilled onions. If you don’t want all the extra goodness, you can just simply order cheese fries. FYI: You’ll want to mix them together before the cheese starts to coagulate.

Here are a couple more options, as well. If you don’t like your onions chopped, you may want to order whole grilled onions. By In-N-Out’s natural instinct, buns automatically come toasted, and the burgers come medium-well. But you can request that your patty be cooked medium-rare, and your bun come either not toasted or extra toasted.

You can ask for your freshly cut fries to come extra crispy by saying well done, and if you don’t like extra crispy and want your fries extra limp, ask for them to be light. 

Credit: Instagram- @the_mully

In-N-Out Faux Pas’

Opting out of the delicious Thousand Island dressing at In-N-Out is an uncommon affair, but does happen occasionally. If you would like to opt of the deliciousness of the “spread” you can take the frowned upon mustard and ketchup route. Some people also like for their cheese to not be melted, and for these types, you can ask for cold cheese.

Because the company has such strict quality-control measures, they have a policy of not opening restaurants further than 500 miles from their in-house commissaries. I’m sorry East Coast.

It took me almost a year, and asking random In-N-Out cashiers their perspectives on the secret menu, what they liked and disliked, all the while, a whole line stood behind me tapping their hungry feet. If you come across this issue, simply ask for some In-N-Out stickers while you’re in line, pass them out to the hungry people behind you, and say, “I’M IN THE IN-N-OUT SECRET MENU CLUB!”  




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