Honduras Tips: The guide to traveling Honduras

So, you have picked the beautiful country of Honduras for your destination travel? You have picked a great country! From land to sea, Honduras is a great place to vacation. You always have to keep in mind, different countries come with different ways. I’m going to give you some tips I had to learn on my own traveling to Honduras.

  1. When you get to Honduras, ask the locals for Cactus Juice. This amazing bottle will keep the mosquitos & no-see-ums away!2. Bring tons of bug spray!
  2. If you get bit by the mosquitos or no-see-ums (it will happen) put Neosporin on the red spots. It’ll take the redness away.
  3. Also, you can take garlic oil pills or B-1 and B-12 vitamins to keep the bugs away.
  4. Benadryl Creme will be your lifesaver. From the sun burns to the bug bites, this is a must have for Honduras. Also, you can bring the pill version as well, and if you get eaten alive by the bugs, take two at night and it will help as well.
  5. Sun screen, and tons of it.
  6. While snorkeling or scuba diving, get a local to braid your hair back! Your hair will not get tangled & it makes the mask process much easier.
  7. Head to this wonderful country during low season. Generally low season is May- October sometimes December. There isn’t as many travelers, but it is SO MUCH cheaper! The flights are much cheaper as well.
  8. The hot and cold in the showers are sometimes reversed in Honduras. It is crazy, I don’t know why.. but, you’re welcome!
  9. Don’t assume that public areas will have toilet tissue. For instance a restaurant. For safety measures grab a roll out of your hotel room, crush the cardboard core and remove it.
  10. Speaking on the topic of bathrooms, every restroom (baño or servicio) you visit has a waste basket right near the commode.  Can you guess what it is for?  The used paper goes into the basket.  The low water pressure and sewer systems can’t handle waste paper. You will get used to this.  I promise, you will.
  11. You will have people who beg you for money everywhere you go. All you have to do is simply say, “no gracias” and go along your way. I have traveled to many Central American countries and my hosts always tell me not to give to the beggars. They’ll only look at you like a dollar sign.
  12. Last but not least, don’t be freaked out if your personal space is continuously compromised. The people are used to having smaller personal space here, and for that personal space to be invaded. And don’t be surprised if you are touched a lot during conversation. It’s normal. I didn’t understand it much when I first started traveling to Central America, but I got used to it, thank goodness.

Have fun exploring this wonderful country!




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