9 ways to see New Orleans through a locals eyes

New Orleans is pronounced “New OAR-linz.” Not, “New Or-LEENZ” and MOST DEFINITELY  not “N’awlins.”

The Big Easy is a city of history, culture, and food. Yes, there is still crime in New Orleans, just like every city and it can be pretty bad at times, but it has been getting safer. Just don’t go off your rocker and treat it like Six Flags for alcoholics. Use a little common sense that you were taught and you’ll be fine!

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There is so much more to New Orleans than the French Quarter. Yes, there are TONS of activities to do there (and, I’m going to name a few for you) but you need to venture out and see what The Crescent City has to offer through a locals eyes!

  1. Preservation Hall, French Quarter, 726 St. Peters St., New Orleans, LA 70116 • 504-522-2841: Check out their Facebook page
    • Preservation Hall opened its doors to the public in 1961 to honor Traditional New Orleans Jazz music. They are opened 350 days a year and works as a music venue, touring band and non-profit organization.
  2. Carousal Bar, Hotel Monteleone,  214 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 • 504-523-3341: Check out their Facebook page
    •  Carousal Bar has been operating since 1949 and is a classic haunt for locals and visitors alike. Named Top 20 Bars in the World by Vogue Living, this 25 seat bar will have you coming back for the drinks and service, and of course the Royal Street view!
  3. Piano Bar, Pat O’Brien’s, 718 St. Peter Street, New Orleans, LA 70116 •  (504) 525-4823: Check out their Facebook page
    • Everyone knows about the famous Pat O’Briens. They mastered the art of capturing Hurricanes in the Big Easy and serving them up drink style. But, what most people don’t know is the Piano Bar is a local and tourist hot spot!
  4. Mid City
    • You have to eventually get out of the French Quarter while visiting this wonderful city. One great spot is Mid City. Take a Canal St. streetcar all the way up Canal and discover the great restaurants and cemeteries holding the some history of New Orleans captive. 
  5. Frenchman Street
    • Tucked away from all the commotion of Bourbon Street, Frenchman Street is the local hotspot for jazz and drinks. The food, music and art makes this lively place a hit. If you don’t feel like walking from wherever you are, taxicabs will be happy to take you.
  6. Verti-Marte, 201 Royal St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116 • (504) 525-4767: Check out their Facebook page
    • This long time 24/7 deli in the heart of New Orleans is the best spot for late night grub! Not only do they deliver the best fast food in the Crescent City to locals and visitors alike, they have a great roast beef po-boy and Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators. While you’re there ask for an All That Jazz Po’ Boy as seen on America’s Best Bites.
  7. Garden District and Uptown
    • I know many of you have watched American Horror Story: Coven. Guess what haunted city it was filmed in? The Garden District is home to some of the most gorgeous New Orleans Mansions and is a must-see while staying in the area. The Uptown District begins upriver of the Garden District and stretches to Broadway Street. Shopping at local boutiques and eating at local diners are the best way to spend a day.
  8. Morning Call Coffee Stand, 56 Dreyfus Dr, New Orleans, LA 70124  •  (504) 300-1157: Check out their Facebook page
    • Instead of waiting in the crazy lines at Cafe Du Monde, Morning Call’s short waits and local gatherings will be happy to serve you the best beignets in the city. It is open 24/7 & cash-only.
  9. Fulton Street, Check out their Facebook page
    • Fulton Street is a unique blend of historic artistry mixed with New Orleans culture, dining and excitement. They have a bowling alley, many restaurants and a beautiful walking view. Fulton Street is always buzzing!

I hope you have a great time in the Crescent City!




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