Guide to sunset restaurants in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico: #NoFilter needed

If I could grant any country an award for the most breathtaking, awe inspiring, priceless sunsets, Mexico would be the winner. I really don’t understand how Mother Nature has the time to paint these masterpieces. She stays busy I guess. Of all the cities in Mexico, Zihuatanejo, pronounced as “zee-watt-a-NEH-ho” which means “place of woman” in the Nahuatl tongue, has been a main recipient of the sun drenched artwork. Known for its sports fishing, diving and snorkeling, gorgeous beaches, surfing and laid back lifestyle, this gorgeous destination has been taking travelers by storm since the 1970’s. Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is now the third most visited city in Mexico after Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

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Here are a couple of amazing restaurants that serve up the best sunsets money can buy. Hasn’t anyone ever told you, you buy the view the food is free!

Il Mare

Photo Credit: Facebook Il Mare

Nestled on the cliffside overlooking the bay, Ristorante Il Mare offers a variety of modern Italian and Greek cuisine paired with the local bay catches of the day. They have great cocktails, amazing food and a breathtaking view.

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Photo Credit: Facebook Amuleto


This place in particular is a little difficult to get into since it belongs to a small boutique hotel and has very limited seating but it is so worth the wait. Once you are in, the whole experience develops into a beautiful magical evening. They offer an amazing tasting menu with local catches to awesome pasta. The sunset, however, is the course that takes your breath away.

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Paty’s Marymar

Photo Credit: Facebook Paty’s Marymar

This cute, laid back beachside restaurant is a retreat for beach goers. They offer everything from water sports, yoga, great food, happy hour and  a place for the children to play. That will make your hour even happier. The sunsets are a remarkable piece of mother nature that Paty’s guest savor just as much as the food.

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El Galeon

Photo Credit: Facebook El Galeon

El Galeon is a fine dining experience located  on the waterfront at luxurious the Marina Ixtapa. The views of the yachts, mountains, hillside houses, and the sounds of the local fishermen coming into port with their fresh catch is what makes this restaurant exceptional. Now granted, they do not have an open view of the ocean, but the sunsets still take your breath away as they set behind the mountains afar. Magical doesn’t do this place justice. Did I mention you’re on a boat? Yeah, maybe I should have mentioned that!

Espuma Mediterraneo


Photo Credit: Instagram @tentaciones

Espuma Mediterranean is another boutique hotel restaurant with an elegant culinary style. It is a Mediterranean-style restaurant with an Italian chef making tasteful creations into delectable fare. Combined with the magical sunsets, Espuma Mediterranean is an unparalleled experience.

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All restaurants recommended here practice good hygiene and food safety. In other words, you can drink their water and ice and eat their fruits & vegetables!

What are y’all waiting for? Get your passports & head into the sunset!


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