Attention: Fear Seeking, Halloween Lovers. Add this Haunted House to your List!

As halloween quickly approaches, I feel the need to tell you about a hidden gem named Evil Visions, a haunted house located in downtown Monroe. Chris Alyea, a Monroe local, has owned and operated this attraction every October since 2011, bringing a scare to Monroe like no other. A fellow makeup artist, Tayler Menefee, and I were given a VIP tour. Here are the deets:

With a whopping 47 rooms of terror, we got to see each one and learned the story behind them. The props were extremely lifelike and frightening. I do recall one of the corpses being a mold of a real person – I still get chills thinking about it. At the end of the tour, Tayler and I were given the opportunity to go backstage and watch the FABULOUS Danera ‘Tatyana’ Brown bring the monsters to life! Danera, better known as Tatyana, is a local makeup artist who specializes in FX makeup. We got to see all of the details of her work by meeting each and every one of the actors. Then Tayler and I went through the makeup process ourselves and got to scare a few guests! Tatyana’s talent is like none I have ever seen and I work in the beauty industry. She is the queen of halloween.. makeup, that is!

So if you’re a thrill seeking adrenaline junkie, please do not miss Evil Visions! Tatyana’s work is so realistic, you’ll feel like you’re on a real-life scene of Saw. I’ve grown a tolerance for gore since my husband and I first visited Evil Visions many years ago. I couldn’t tell you much about that trip because I kept my face hidden in his back the whole time. Still, around every corner, nook and cranny, there is something or someone to scare you! It’s not for the faint of heart – you will run for your life out of the building, screaming at the top of your lungs. Like I may or may not have done those many years ago…


Stay on the lookout for Bubba. He never fails to scare… even with the lights on.


Post halloween fun: Zombie Laser Tag! Starting November 5th, Evil Visions is introducing this fun-filled activity, keeping the halloween season alive!

Evil Visions Haunted House

501 DeSiard Street

Monroe, LA 71201


Rebekah Brown here, guest writing for the fabulous Sarah Mullins’ Cocktails and High Heels.


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