You know you grew up in the South if…

…your first car was a truck.

…you ask, “How is yer’mom’n’em doing?”

…you wear camo even if you’re not hunting.

…you learned how to drive at a ridiculously young age.

…you always have to explain what you mean.

…you basically wear OFF! as perfume during the summer.

…you wake up to go hunting quicker than you do for work.

…you say “yes ma’am” and “yes sir” because it’s good manners.

…you ask for a Coke and they ask, “What kind?”

…you have seen a road block on a highway from a tractor.

…you go hunting and fishing with your pastor.

…you use “y’all” in a singular and plural context.

…you have called into work sick heading to the deer stand.

…you save your good britches and boots for church and dates.

…you think Bass Pro Shop is the Rodeo Dr. of the southern world.

…the weather man said it is going to snow and you called in to work.

…you have lost friends over who they support in the SEC.

…two cups of sugar doesn’t make the tea sweet enough.

…you say “bless your heart” and mean it as an insult.

…your four-wheeler costs more than your vehicle.

…you smile at people you don’t even know.

…if you use the terms, “sweet pea,” “darlin’,” “honey,” and “dear” to everyone you meet, and no, we are not flirting with you.. bless your heart.

And the list goes on…share your Southern ways of life in the comments!


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