5 Suprising Reasons Tequila Is Good For You

A single shot of tequila everyday has some surprising health benefits for you. So get ready to open your eyes, and that old dusty bottle sitting on your cabinet, to the wonderful benefits of tequila, some of which you never even thought could be possible:

Diabetes Preventative
: The CDC states that 29.1 million people in America have diabetes. In 2010, experiments conducted at Mexico’s Polytechnic Institute of Guanajuato revealed that the agave plant could stimulate the GLP-1 hormone, aiding in increased insulin production.

Weight Loss
: Yep, you don’t need to clean out your ears for this one; there are certain components in tequila that can help you actually lose weight. Experts state that a shot before lunch can stimulate the appetite and a shot after a huge dinner can aid in digestion. In tests completed by the ACS, tequila helped overweight mice lose a significant amount of excess pounds. Stay thirsty my friends!

Sleep Remedy
: Everyone knows tequila and chillaxation go hand in hand but If you don’t, it really does. You don’t even need to drink an excessive amount… one or two shots will do.

Probiotic & Colon Cleanser: 
Tequila actually helps the proper balance of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. Researchers at Mexico’s University of Guadalajara claim that blue agave, found in tequila, helps deliver drugs to the colon, which really helps to treat illnesses such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, IBS and possibly even cancer!

Here is
the best reason of all to drink tequila on a night out with friends is you won’t bloat: Raise your shot glass and cheers to this because have I got the best news for you! Tequila helps you to regulate the absorption of fat in your intestines! Which means, NO BLOATING HOT CHICKS AND RIPPED DUDES!


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