The day before…. pre-traveling ritual: Staying prepared

Traveling is my way of life, and I would be lost without it. The day before my flight I always have a million and one things to do, and getting myself prepared for the unexpected. Your whole vacation can be messed up with misplacing one thing, or not doing another. My carry-on looks like an army backpack. I have my laptop, notebooks, pens, iPad, extra clothes, flip-flops, and tons more. To a normal traveler, they would say it is full of unnecessary things, but to me it is full of everything I need to travel with comfortably. Like I said, everyone has their own pre-travel routine and this is mine:

Wake up call:

The day before every flight, I wake up at 8 AM, fix my green smoothie, take my vitamins and get to work. My whole day is planned out from the stress-relieving routine to the tedious packing regimen. I like to be zen.  

Side note: Green smoothies are packed full of vitamins and nutrients that I need to start the day. Green smoothies are a simple solution for increasing your intake of veggies. Dark leafy greens help us to stay healthy by boosting our immunity, helping us fight disease, and clearing out toxins. A green smoothie is a perfect pick-me-up, and can be more energizing than a cup of coffee. Perfect for the travelers soul.

Relieve that stress:

Since I am always in the air or typing, my muscles are tense. That’s never a good look on you when you’re traveling. I always go get a Thai-massage at The Massage Place near my house to relieve any excess tension I may have. It really helps me relax and focus on the vacation instead of my muscles aching.

Paws & Claws:

After I wish I didn’t get that brutal, yet extremely helpful massage, I head to the nail salon to fix up my fingers and toes. I always like to have my nails and toes looking halfway decent because who would want to look at a picture with some crusty feet and chipped nail polish, not I!

Last minute Shopping:

Women are somewhat notorious for last-minute shopping, if no one will stand with me on this one, I’ll be the spokeswoman for LMSWOTW (last-minute shopping women of the world:). I always go to CVS and make sure that I have everything I need. I always have a list in my phone that helps me through the last-minute shopping process.

iPad Games and books:

My iPad stays packed with games and books for my long flights. I always check the app store for more games that have came out and Kindle for more books that interest me.

Here are a couple of my offline-capable iPad Games that I have downloaded:

I have the Kindle app downloaded on my iPad full of great reads. Here are some of the amazing reads I have:

…and my guilty pleasure book is that of my best, crazy, goofy friends book LaQuita S-Kay called, Blissful Encounters of Intensity: Secrets of Denial by LaQuita S-Kay

I was late in the game with the iPad craze. I always thought, “It is just the same as the phone..”. Well, it isn’t. It is a necessary tool that I would be lost without.

What is your pre-travel ritual? Tell me in the comments below!


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