This Smart Zoo Has Changed The Game For Animals & Humans Alike

Set in 80 hectares within 15 minutes’ drive of Christchurch Airport, Orana Wildlife Park provides the ultimate animal adventure. We get you up close and personal with the animals.”

Orana Wildlife Park opened its gates in 1976 and is located on the outskirts of Christchurch, New Zealand. The park is ran by the Orana Wildlife Trust charity.

FYI:  A minimum visitor height of 1.4 meters is required.

The park offers its visitors close encounters with some of its animals, including feeding lemurs and tigers, hand-feeding the giraffes and the most popular of all, the lion encounter.

Orana found an amazing way to share the Animal world with the world’s most curious creatures — human beings. This wildlife habitat in New Zealand has found a way to let people gawk at wild animals while also putting people in their rightful place!

The tables turn on the humans during Orana Wildlife Park’s Lion Encounter, which oddly enough puts tourists in cages to view the wild cats during feeding time. The keeper driving the truck feeds the animals from within the vehicle. They often jump on top of the cage, giving the visitor a unique, sometimes heartstopping view of these magnificent beasts.

The cost is about US$23 (NZ$30), luckily the tickets can be pre-paid and reserved in advance.

The striking image has been breaking the internet. It finally gives a voice to growing frustration with traditional zoo practices that keep animals in small, tight enclosures.

Orana Wildlife Park plays a huge role in breeding endangered and exotic native species. This smart zoo is home to over 400 animals representing 70 different species!

In 2015 Orana proudly became home to New Zealand’s only gorillas, with three males, including a silverback arriving at the park.

 Help An Animal


“Our aim, along with being dedicated to the conservation of endangered species and the welfare of our animals, is to provide education, recreation and enjoyment to the public.”


Social Media:

Facebook & Instagram


Phone: 03 359 7109

Fax: 03 359 4330

Postal Address:

PO Box 5130

Christchurch 8542

New Zealand

Physical Address:

McLeans Island Rd


New Zealand



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