I Just Ordered My First Meal In Spanish: Here Is How It Went!

I am a true southern girl. I grew up with a thick southern accent with the attitude to match. I never imagined in a million years I would be traveling this beautiful world learning new cultures, norms and of course, the languages.

Featured Image: My Puerto Rico Experience

Currently, I am away in Pinones, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an American territory where the main language is Spanish. Pinones is a small local town, much like any small town in America, that are stuck to their thick roots. Most speak absolutely no English, and the ones that do barely understand what comes out of your mouth. So, as you can imagine, I am in sort of a cultural bind.
What I love most about this small town is the food and above all, the locals. They are teaching me the art of their native language and it is working.
In between the locals broken English, Google Translate and my Spanish book, I have mastered Un poco de Español.
I went to a local Pinones restaurant, Kiosko El Guariguiten, and tested out what I have learned. It went very well I must say. Honestly, I heard this kiosko is uber amazing in anything they cook, so I knew whatever I ordered would be fantastic.

Granted, I can’t pronounce some words properly, but I believe I did very well and even the waitress agreed with me.

Here are some phrases to learn while ordering in Spanish:

¿Cómo estás hoy?

How are you today?

¡Muy bien gracias!

Very well, thanks!

¿Que es esto?

What is this?

Me gustaría…

I would like…

A ella le gustaria

She would like…

A El le gustaria

He would like…

Ellos querrían..

They would like…

Uno más por favor

One more, please

Estaba muy delicioso!

It was very delicious!

¿Cuánto cuesta?

How much?

Eso no está bien.

That is not right.

¿Me podría traer la cuenta, por favor?

May I have the check, please?

¡Gracias que tenga un gran dia!

Thank you, have a great day!


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