The War With Uber: What Traveler’s Need To Know While Traveling To Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of my most favorite islands in the Caribbean. From the amazing culture, mouthwatering food and the warm, friendly locals, what is not to love about this amazing island?
Uber has been in Puerto Rico since July 11, 2016 and has taken the tourist and locals alike by storm. From rides as low as $20, from Isla Verdes to Old San Juan, why would you not want to use Uber?
A routine taxi ride from the airport to Isla Verdes, which is right next to the airport mind you, was $27! A complete rip-off! The worst thing is, locals aren’t exempt from the high shares either. That same trip with Uber $5, maybe. That extra $22 could have been used for food, drinks or even some groceries.

I have used Uber since the moment the taxi guy dropped me at the door of my Airbnb. Most all of the time I have used Uber it has been horrific for the both the Uber driver and myself. From the driver and I being verbally harassed by several taxi drivers or sometimes one, to rocks being hurled at the window, road blocks, death threats and even the occasional chasing us down the street, it is downright horrifying. But, that will not stop me from having a great time on my vacation nor will it stop me from using Uber!

Sometimes, the Uber driver will kindly ask you to exit the car and walk a block over (while they drive around the block), then quickly get in the car and speed off, like out of an action movie, and some Uber drivers are cops with really good pepper spray and dares them to come any closer. The taxi drivers are understandably upset at the new competition and really giving customers and Uber drivers quite a rough time, but is it all really necessary? The human race survived centuries on learning to adapt, why can’t the taxi drivers do the same?

Most ask, “Why don’t the taximen just drive for Uber?” The answer is simple, pride. They do not want to give into the new kid on the block. Eventually, they will but for now, take caution while using Uber in Puerto Rico. It will get better, just do not let the bullies scare you from a great service.

Here is what you need to know on how to use Uber in Puerto Rico:

  • You can take Uber in Puerto Rico, but be aware of your surroundings. Some hotels will warn to go down the street, out of sight of taxis, to order and be picked up. Don’t risk escalating the issue and being complicated.
  • Just be discreet and go on about your way. Don’t stay on the phone walking around lost, you know what car they drive because it is in the description. Most definitely, never wave the Uber down and say something like, “Are you _____? The uber driver, right?!” Don’t add fuel to the fire. Like I said, you know what car they drive, just get in THE FRONT SEAT like they are your best freaking friend and go to wherever you need to go. Don’t endanger them or you more.
  • Currently Uber cannot pick up at the airport, but a good trick of the trade is to enter your location in as off-site and let them know where you are located within the airport. If you choose this option, refer to tip number 2.
  • Ask  the Uber drivers for their numbers, they’ll be glad to assist you in any way! That will save you tons of headache from trying to get to and from your island destination, wherever it brings you. It is great if you want to hire them for a tour on the side, after all locals are the best tour guides.
  • Always ask the drivers where to eat or what to see. They’ll know places google doesn’t know about.

Sign the petition now and help save Uber in Puerto Rico! 🇵🇷 Also, hashtag #puertoriconopara on Instagram.


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