How To Get The Most Out Of Your Travel Experiences

It’s all well and easy to have everything planned for you and follow your itinerary to plan, but is this really the best way to get the most out of your Travels? Why don’t you try going off the beaten track, try new things and step out of your comfort zone to get the maximal experience at your next destination. Try a few simple changes to your holiday and see how much more fun, appreciation and fun you have.

Try the local foods.

Have some Traditional dishes and certain foods you wouldn’t normally try at home. If you don’t like it, that’s fine but at least you tried some local cuisines and can taste how different foods are made. (and how extremely yummy they can be)

Participate in Cultural Activities.

Whether it’s cycling down the streets of Amsterdam, riding a Camel in Egypt or learning the Salsa in Cuba there are many Cultural Activities you can learn and do all over the world instead of just doing your usual everyday activities. Go on, branch out and try something new!

Appreciation of history.

Having an appreciation and learning about the history of a certain city. From the landmarks, architecture, monuments, statues, museums, restaurants, and cars, you name it, grab some brochures, or participate in a tour to find out about where it all started and the significance of a particular slice of the city’s history.

Try speaking the local language.

If you’re travelling to a country where the locals don’t speak your first language, try learning the local language. You can learn the basics before you go or give it a go whilst travelling. It’s not only a great achievement and easier for the locals to understand your needs but they really do appreciate the effort you’re making.

Take plenty of photos but enjoy your holiday.

Many people get a bit excessive when capturing absolutely everything. It’s fantastic being able to bring a lot of what you’ve experienced home, but don’t forget to enjoy your Travels. You don’t need to take 20 of the same thing at slightly different angles, you want to remember your experiences through your own eyes and not through a camera lense.

Be in the moment.

Stay in the moment when you’re travelling. Don’t worry about the bills back at home, think about matters at work or wonder what the gossip in your friendship group is, just worry about what you’re doing there and then. Think about the now and appreciate the opportunity you have experiencing such wonderful things and how little it can happen. Be mindful and enjoy the now.

Enjoy your travels everyone and really absorb the culture. Travel begins when you step out of your comfort zone!




Hi I’m Brittany from Adelaide, South Australia.

For as long as I can remember I have dreamt, lived and breathed Travel and the Outdoors. It is truly my passion and I could read about it and talk about it for days on end.
If I’m not at the beach, walking a trail, at the gym, working as a Flight Attendant or planning my next holiday, I’m blogging about Travel. My 8 years of seeing the world and gaining life experience has me plenty to talk about.



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