Did You Finally Get Upgraded? Here Is What You Need To Know In The Upgraded World

Did you finally beat out all the other opponents and got upgraded from coach to business/first-class? Congratulations, you moved up in the cabin world. It is a whole different experience when you move from the coach cabin to business or first-class. It is something to celebrate! Have a cocktail on the airlines dime, no really, they won’t mind.

Here is the realistic truth to upgraded travel:

Why is it hot?

In coach: If you’re one of the smart travelers, you probably remembered your hand sanitizer.

In business/first-class: Why do you need your hand-sanitizer? You have a hot rag, rolled to perfection and handed to you from a silver platter.

Drinks For Everyone: Want to buy the whole cabin a round of drinks? No need, they come free.

In coach: To get a drink, you have to inconvenience yourself and your neighbors to fetch your wallet/purse from your carry-on in the overhead bin or under the seat and then get and give the attendant your card or exact cash. In return, you get a small, 50ml alcohol bottle or 12 fl oz beer that is ridiculously priced.

In business/first-class: Keep your money, it is no good here. You get whatever alcohol you like, whenever you like. Want to have 6 glasses of wine? Done. Want to swap your empty mimosa glass for a Bloody Mary? What kind of vodka would you like? Would you like a spiked coffee? They got Bailey’s too. Just tell the flight attendant to keep them coming.

I’m hungry: Jeeze, so many choices..

In coach: Passenger- “What does the chicken wrap include?” Flight Attendant: “Um, chicken.. duh!”

In business/first-class: Flight Attendant: “Would you like the juicy, grilled chicken with a fresh picked side salad and a warm homemade cookie or the creamy, three cheese pasta with a fresh picked side salad and a homemade cookie?”

Wait, there was a line?

In coach: “Ugh, is group four ever going to be called.”

In business/first-class: Announcer, “We would like to welcome all first-class passengers for flight 2574 non-stop to Miami.” Passenger, “That is me, out of the way!!”


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