How To Prevent Air Sickness On Your Next Flight In 4 Easy Steps

Let’s be honest, anyone can get airsick, but some people are more susceptible to it. The worst part is they practically have issues every time they travel by plane.

Airsickness is a kind of motion sickness for those of you who don’t know. It is caused by conflicting signals your senses tell your brain and your eyes adjust to the lack of movement around you. Your eyes sends a message to your brain telling you that you are sitting still but your inner ear senses movement.  Since the signals are conflicting it results i nausea and vomiting.

Here are some great tips to avoid getting sick on an airplane. They might change your views on air travel altogether.

Seat Placement: Most of the time you can choose your seat, take advantage of that! Choose a seat either over the wing or by the window. The seat over the wing is perfect because it gives the feeling of less motion while the window seat will allow you to focus your gaze on the gorgeous horizon. If none of these are available, get one in the front of the plane. The front of the plane is another section that feels less motion.

Heavy Food: Do not eat foods that make you aware of your stomach. Try to avoid fatty, greasy, or heavily salted and spiced foods. Eat smaller, frequent meals or snacks. The less you concentrate on your stomach, the better.

Alcohol: Alcohol intake prior to your flight can be a major trigger for airsickness. Try to avoid alcohol altogether and drink plenty of water!

Keep Focus: Avoid playing hand-held games or reading because it only confuses your senses even more. Try using headphones to listen to music, a recorded book or an in-flight movie.

Get  plenty of rest to keep your body in a relaxed state during your travels. If you already have the symptoms, don’t worry. I always keep non-drowsy Dramamine in my carry-on. I don’t get airsick but I want to be prepared, you never know when you or someone near you will get sick! Check with your doctor to see which over-the-counter medicine is right for you.


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