Open Letter To “Mean Girls”

Dear Mean Girls,

Grow up! Being pretty, hot or even “bad” as some people like to say will fade away, what will you do after your looks are long gone? You won’t be able to bully someone then will you? Didn’t think so. You might want to grow a heart for others, because in the long run when you fall off your self- centered bragging wagon and that crown breaks due to the curve balls life (in your case, karma) throws at people, you’ll be left with nothing and no one will feel sorry for your mean ass.

We as a generation has become far to dependent upon our looks, mannerisms and what others think of ourselves. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. In the real world, there always seem to be the people who fit in and those who don’t. The ones who tend to be the butt of jokes are made to feel like they are not pretty enough, or worse, not good enough. They are singled out for having outgoing personalities or even for being how they are. Whether it is wearing the wrong clothes or the hottest new style no one is used too, doing their hair in a cool, fun new way or being into something that isn’t “cool,” they get fingers pointed in their direction.

To the girls who are/were the bullies, why did you do it? What is it like to live in your self-centered world? It must be a cold, dark and sad place. Making fun of, embarrassing, or even remarking in a negative manner towards any other woman for whatever reason is far beyond “woman” of you, have you no shame? You can hand over your woman card now, you’re acting like a scorned man. It may have seemed really funny at the time, or maybe you simply wanted to be “cool,” but those words are hurtful. People might forget exactly what you said, but they will never forget the way that you made them feel.

To the girls who have thousands of social media followers, you need to set a good example for the younger generation. They see you making fun of another person and think that it is acceptable. YOU”RE A ROLE MODEL, ACT LIKE ONE! This is the time where we should be helping each other rise instead of creating hate and adding more fuel to the fire of our raging hormones. You might not agree with what someone is doing with their life, but it is not yours. Give it a rest.

You may be pretty now, but your looks fade. And if no one has ever told you before, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar! 


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